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Prior to treatment, the doctor will scientifically address cognitive, emotional and behavioral problems that have been previously identified or have not responded to traditional forms of treatment. Successful treatment requires identification and correction of biological processes that have not been adequately corrected.

Over ninety percent of addicted patients self-medicate with drugs and alcohol/sugar in their attempt to feel normal and balance their brain chemistry.

Unfortunately, most rehabilitation programs do not address normalizing brain chemistry with bio-identical hormone replacement, whole food nutrition, and nutraceutical supplementation to replete the malnutrition which often accompanies addiction. Patients often take illicit drugs to stimulate under-active brain regions (or relax over-active brain systems). The erratic electrical activity in the addicted patient’s brain is typically caused by inherited or acquired biochemical and hormonal deficiencies — differences in the number and quality of neurotransmitter receptors.


Female Progesterone levels generally begin to decline about one decade prior to Estrogen decline. Females then begin to experience anxiety and insomnia. This is why it is imperative that hormone levels be corrected during treatment. When females experience a loss in GABA-A receptivity due to diminished Progesterone levels, they can develop excess electrical activity in both the central and peripheral nervous system. Clinical evidence shows us that both men and women often utilize alcohol for it’s GABA-A receptor activation.

Many Progesterone deficient women will begin to abuse Vicodin or Oxycontin because the calcium channel blockade effect of the opiate will down regulate the increased “brain voltage” derived from the lost GABA-A receptivity. Unfortunately, many develop Mu receptor tolerance, and begin increasing their opiate dose which then subsequently suppresses the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis suppression further. Now we have a panhormonal deficiency. There will be multiple hormonal deficiencies that will require someone well trained in how to achieve hormonal balance.

Hypothyroidism is largely undiagnosed and untreated as a contributing factor to patients with addiction. Therefore, complete thyroid testing is part of our programs. It is important to remember that hormones act as neurotransmitters! We also include neurotransmitter testing for Serotonin deficiency, Norepinephrine excess, Dopamine excess, Glutamate excess, GABA deficiency, or Histamine excess.

Severe depression can be precipitated by a reduction of brain Dopamine levels. This often accompanies Estrogen deficiency. Reduced brain Dopamine can also have a detrimental effect on cognition

Clearly, addiction is biochemical disease and treatment must properly address all scientific and psychological issues in order to be successful.

NAD Brain Renew

NAD Brain Renew is a clinically proven, medically supervised jump-start to recovery that dramatically diminishes the duration and agonies of detoxification, eliminates or reduces cravings over the long term and restores a state of clarity and wellbeing that supports sobriety and aftercare. It is a detoxification and brain restoration therapy that delivers intravenous (IV) infusions including the naturally occurring co-enzyme NAD+.

NAD+ is a co-enzyme of Niacin and is the key fuel for energy production in every cell of the body. Research in the 1960s demonstrated this compound’s effectiveness in detoxifying patients from alcohol, opiates, pain pills, tranquilizers, and stimulants. Today, this treatment is helping hundreds of patients safely and effectively overcome their addiction and bounce back from depression, anxiety and PTSD.

Co-enzyme energy deficiency in the cells of the brain can lead to irritability, memory issues, lack of concentration, depression, apathy, cognitive impairment, increased anxiety, decreased libido, increased craving for alcohol, sugar and nicotine, and increased premenstrual symptoms.

By utilizing infusion, instead of oral medication therapy, the digestive system is bypassed and delivery of the NAD+ formula is enhanced. NAD Brain Renew bathes the brain in a continuous pool of natural and highly effective cytoplasmic co-enzymes.

This program is indicated for addiction patients and PTSD patients as it significantly reduces, or even completely eliminates cravings that were causing expensive, time-consuming and unhealthy lifestyle choices. NAD Brain Renew can be completed in 10 days or less — vs. 30 or more days at conventional treatment centers. If they wish, it is feasible for patients to slip away from work or activities of daily living so their treatment goes virtually unnoticed.

Brain Renew Plus

This physician-supervised program utilizes customized formulations that are scientifically formulated to effectively support normal nerve tissue healing for each patient’s unique condition. The treatment program includes an individualized intravenous drip that is administered continuously for approximately 5-6 hours each day. The treatment for currently addicted patients will generally be administered over 10-15 days. Patients being treated for less significant or prior exposure will often be treated for eight to ten days. Also, daily intravenous vitamins, minerals and glutathione, as well as complementary oral supplements are given to aid assimilation and support neurologic repair. Symptoms of withdrawal are significantly reduced or completely eliminated. There are no drug interactions or contraindications and the treatment results in restoration of well-being and mental clarity.

Prior to and during treatment, Brain Renew Plus patients receive a complete brain health assessment via a state-of-the-art, fully integrated brain peak performance and injury system. This cutting edge diagnostic tool measures real-time cognitive processing parameters essential for healthy brain function, including: decision making, organization, attention, memory, impulsivity, motor processing speed, and reaction time. The system shows how high functioning brain regions compensate for dysfunctional regions. This allows patient-specific treatment customization as well as an unparalleled ability to track changes over time. Advanced neurotransmitter testing is a key diagnostic and therapeutic component of Brain Renew Plus. Our multi-faceted program also addresses the psychological and social factors that are often powerful stimuli in addiction, such as: Stress – especially sudden life occurrences, Environmental Cues – visiting an old neighborhood, and Social Networks – friends who are still “using” illicit drugs.